How to defrost chicken in easy ways

There are many different methods for defrosting chicken. But which of them are safe, which of them are quick and which is the best. This is how to defrost chicken:

Microwave defrosting – This is the quickest way to defrost your chicken. You must make sure you get the settings right on your microwave so that your chicken is defrosted all the way through. If you defrost your chicken by microwaving you must then cook it immediately. Do not put your chicken back into the fridge or the freezer or this could cause bacteria to spread. Make sure your chicken is unwrapped and place it in a microwave safe container before defrosting.

Defrost in cold water – This is also a quick way of defrosting. It only takes about an hour or so depending on how much chicken you need to defrost. Defrosting in cold water allows the chicken to slowly defrost. Make sure your chicken is sealed in a Ziploc bag or an airtight container so that there is no risk of bacteria from your kitchen sink contaminating your chicken. You could also use a large bowl and fill this with water. Cook immediately after your chicken is fully defrosted. Do not put your chicken back into the freezer after thawing.

Thaw in the refrigerator – This is the safest method for defrosting. It does take longer than other methods so you would need to plan ahead and place your chicken in the refrigerator overnight or 24hrs before you need it to be safe. This method is best as the cold temperature prevents bacteria from spreading. If you are defrosting boneless chicken breasts using this method you can freeze them again if you end up not needing them right away. Place your chicken on a plate or in a dish to prevent juices or water from dripping in your refrigerator.

Do not place your chicken in the sun or in hot water as the warm temperature is conducive to the spread of bacteria.

You can be a Diva with these Topshop Makeup choices


Core and Seasonal Trend Make-up Collection

Topshop, a makeup based brand with its showroom in California is a retail company which sells best quality makeup products to its customers in US. Eyes, cheeks, face nails and lips makeup is featured under two collections:

  • Core collection with 97 products
  • Seasonal trend collection of 16 products.

Topshop provides affordable makeup products which range from $8 to $20. When you talk about the most basic makeup product only one name arises, nail-paints. “A lady is only helpless when her nails are wet”. At night when we paint our nails, they do not wake up the way we painted them. Well, now put two fresh coats of belly bottom blues of Essie nail-paint along with a top coat combo and a new base (Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Strength and OPI Top Coat). Give 30 minutes to cook well before sleep. This fresh coat will remain fresh till the morning without making any mess of smudges or scratches.

In-case if any teeny-tiny mess has been caused, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Boho-a-Go-Go is a solution for it. Topshop calls it “fan-frigging-tastic”. Using the ambient light, the gel formula works and hence eases paws painting with a few coats of miracle gel color. Smudged nail-paints, scratched manicures or any nail art is no longer a problem now. Just a layer of miracle gel popped on top of the wet nail color and letting it dry for 15 minutes will avoid all the mess. The paint will also last on the nails for next 9-10 days which is… sort of a miracle. This is the reason why the product is named “Miracle Gel”. Apart of that Topshop provides 100s of such quality guaranteed products for its customers.

  • Mono Eye shadow in Pyramid – £7.00
  • Matte Liner in Soot- £7.50
  • Lip Perfector in Fancy – £6.00